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What is Seen in the Park?

Seen in the Park® is in the Human Connection Industry. What we do is create safe spaces in parks across the globe for people to feel Seen and Heard through authentic conversations. Connections are sparked by choosing introspective and thought provoking questions, then facilitated for in depth realizations. Seen in the Park® is not a building or a meeting, but rather a ‘ Pop Up Seen’ for the opportunity of talking to strangers. (Private Events and Conversation Cards available. )



Have you ever wondered what the person standing next to you is thinking? Or perhaps what their life looks like?  

Have you ever yearned for connection, but didnt know how to start or where to go? 

And why do you feel lonely despite being around so many people?

Perhaps you have many friends and family, but you complain that they don't really know you.

Linda, the founder, went through these very experiences when moving to San Diego; thus creating Seen in the Park® in  March of 2017. Seen in the Park® directly addresses  inner and outer connection in an authentic, fun and quick way. 


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