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Tips for creating your video: 

1. Be Authentic. If you are nervous or feel uncomfortable answering, state that! 

2. Share the answer that is true for you. Do not worry about what answer you think you 'should' be giving. 

3. Have fun, it doesn't need to be perfect. 

#BeSeenMovement by Seen in the Park®

52 Days. 52 Questions.  

According to UCLA, Social Connection is as basic of a need to humans as food, water, and shelter. Half of Americans feel lonely, and the world is experiencing the highest levels of  feeling ' disconnected' despite the ease of social media.

A study from Cigna surveyed 20,000 people. 54% of those people said they  felt people "didn't know who they really were ."

And in 2015, Holt-Lunstan Study declared, "Loneliness is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes per day." 

What if we could change these numbers? 

Well, we can! And it starts with YOU! 

For 52 days, Linda and Holly will be answering one question per day from the Seen in the Park Question Card Deck. After answering each question on video,  we'll invite 3 new people to do the same. ( Not tagged? No problem! You can play! )  Answer the question and Tag 3 people in your life who you would love to feel seen and heard. ( Visit Facebook Page for the question of the day ) 

This is YOUR DAY to Be Seen! 

The Documentary: 

In July of 2019, Seen in the Park® will be traveling for one year, creating the documentary ‘Seen in the World’. This film will document Linda and Holly’s travels worldwide; to continue the #BeSeenMovement. 

Showcasing the answers from different cultures, the film intends to bring compassion and empathy into understanding one another while highlighting fundamental concepts of what it means to be human. 

- Donations will go towards creating the ‘ Seen in the World’ Documentary; Equipment, Permits, Copyright, Travel, Lodging, Translation, Editing.

Our Goal is to generate $55,000 in donations. 

Copy and Paste to your Video Post

#BeSeenMovement by @SeeninthePark
52 Days. 52 Questions.
[ Write your Question here ]

  • 1. Accept & Complete the Invitation Request within 24 hours. 
    2. Video yourself answering the question. 
    3. Upload your video to social media using #beseenmovement  in the description.
    4.  Invite and Tag 3 friends to Feel Seen And Heard.  
    5.  Copy and Paste this message in your post. 
    6.  Donate to Seen in the Park ® if you choose ( ). Funds will go towards the creation of ‘Seen in the World’ Documentary. 
    7. WINNERS Each Sunday, a winner using #beseenmovement on their video post, will be picked at random for a FREE deck of Seen in the Park cards. 

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