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Tips for creating your video: 

1. Be Authentic. If you are nervous or feel uncomfortable answering, state that! 

2. Share the answer that is true for you. Do not worry about what answer you think you 'should' be giving. 

3. Have fun, it doesn't need to be perfect. 

#BeSeenMovement by Seen in the Park®

52 Days. 52 Questions.  

According to UCLA, "Social Connection is as basic of a need to humans as food, water and shelter. Half of Americans feel lonely, and the world is experiencing the highest levels of  feeling ' disconnected' despite the ease of social media."

A study from Cigna surveyed 20,000 people. 54% of those people said they  felt people "didn't know who they really were ."

And in 2015, Holt-Lunstan Study declared, "Loneliness is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes per day." 

What would it be like if we felt seen
- in relationships

- at work

- with family

- and within our community?

Together, we can make this happen! And it starts with YOU! 

For 52 days, Linda and Holly will be answering one question per day from the Seen in the Park Question Card Deck. After answering each question on video,  we'll invite 3 new people to do the same. ( Not tagged? No problem! You can play! )  Answer the question and Tag 3 people in your life who you would love to feel seen and heard. ( Visit Facebook Page for the question of the day ) 

All questions from the #BeSeenMovement comes from the Seen in the Park Question Card Deck. Have these types of conversations at your next family gathering, date night, or dinner with friends. Purchase Seen in the Park Cards for a new level of connection with those you know! 

This is YOUR DAY to Be Seen! 


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#BeSeenMovement by @SeeninthePark
52 Days. 52 Questions.
[ Write your Question here ]

[ Tag who you are nominating  ]

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    2. LIKE the Facebook Page: Seen in the Park.
    3. Video yourself answering the question ( For tips visit the website ).
    4. Upload the video to your facebook profile using #beseenmovement  in the description.
    5.  Invite and Tag 3 friends who YOU want to feel SEEN and HEARD.
    6.  Copy and Paste this message in your post. 
    7.  Purchase a Deck of Seen in the Park Question Cards! ( ) Bring these conversations to your next family gathering, date night, or dinner with friends.


By using #beseenmovement by @SeenInThePark on your video post, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win a FREE deck of Seen In The Park cards. One winner will be randomly picked each week.

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