About Us

The Creation

 Seen in the Park®  was created in March of 2017. After moving to San Diego without a support group, there was a need of authentic conversation and connection in Linda's life. The traditional topics of profession, marital status, and family roles became mundane.  Looking for a deeper connection with the surrounding community, Seen in the Park™ was created from thought provoking questions written on slips of paper, 2 chairs, and a sign in the public spaces of Balboa Park saying " Enjoy Authentic Conversation".   Since then, Seen in the Park® has become a sanctuary for exchanging resources, forming new friendships, introspective realizations, and building community.   

What is Seen in the Park?

Each Sunday, for the past year and a half, Linda & Holly visit a neighborhood park and create an open space for people to enter. During this time, individuals walking by are asked to pick a question and engage in authentic and meaningful conversation. Patrons come and go as they please during this time while group size may eb and flow. 

( Seen in the Park® also hosts private events. ) 


Seen in the Park’s mission is to allow for individuals to feel seen and heard while connecting our community.  

According to UCLA, Social Connection is as basic of a need to humans as food, water, and shelter. Half of Americans feel lonely, and the world is experiencing the highest levels of  feeling ' disconnected' despite the ease of social media.

Having people 'feel seen' validates who someone is and allows for authentic connection. Once we see ourselves in someone else, we bridge the gap to our differences, and become united. We become one.