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Virtual Connection

We had Seen in the Park... now it's time for SEEN ONLINE! Virtual connection conversations with thought provoking and introspective questions. This event uses group chat and video.  Participants share their answers to fun questions within group chat, while at other times an individual answers introspective questions to the group via video streaming. Always in a safe space,  individuals feel seen, heard, and connected. Use this as a virtual team building experience for your company, or a connecting virtual event for your community. 

 SEEN Online is facilitated by Linda Sevilla. 

Virtual Team Building

You thought it couldn't be done, well it can! This virtual team building event is done through video conferencing; using experiential activities. Are you done with hokey team building? We are too! Each activity is debriefed through transformative coaching & facilitation skills to bring about action plans, and commitments to new ways of being with one another. Warning! You may experience some personal development work during this event. 

Facilitated by: Linda Sevilla. Four years in experiential Leadership Development and Team Building, Linda has worked with such companies as Verizon, Illumina, Intuit, BJ's Restaurants and The FBI. 

" Facilitator of the Year, 2019" - University of California, San Diego

" Best Corporate Facilitator, 2019" - Positive Adventures

" Best GOALS Facilitator, 2017". - ARC

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Learn how to be present, listen without judgement, ask strong follow up skills and authentically connect with anyone. 

THEN, participants will emerge themselves into the public with a Scavenger Hunt Booklet including Human Connection Bingo, Random Acts of Kindness, and Photo Ops.