What is being said...

" A pure and honest project."

"Each card is an invitation to pull anyone out of the everyday and into the real self."

" I'm crying because no one has ever asked me that question. "

" The magic of Seen in the Park™ is that it can be anything you want or need it to be. It can be an open ear, an opportunity to make a new friend, or reflection in your life. The questions and experiences are different each time and that's what makes it so special. "

" That question acted as the catalyst to the opening of my heart."

" Seen in the Park™ promotes self-awareness, and helps us see the light within ourselves, allowing us to spread love and light to others!”   

" I'm using Seen in the Park cards to boost morale at work, and its working! "

 “ Seen in the Park allows me to ask the questions that I really want to know from people in a way that is approachable. "

" A uniquely thought provoking experience!"

" We are surrounded by people all the time, yet we don't connect. Seen in the park directly addresses this issue in such a positive way!"

" Very Positive and Inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to enlighten everyone's day!"

"The Question Cards bring authenticity back into the everyday conversation that our culture needs."